Space: TID testing of electronic components and materials for space is at the heart of our service offering. Our cobalt-60 facility enables irradiation from under ELDRS very low dose rate conditions up to the high dose rates in accordance with TM1019 test condition A. We are currently the only test house outside the USA with DLA laboratory certification for test condition A under MIL-STD-750 and MIL-STD-883 (test method 1019). In situ monitoring, special containers for ensuring charge equilibrium and full compliance with appropriate test methods are routine. We can manufacture test and bias boards for you and prepare test plans.

Nuclear: the environment in some nuclear facilities can lead equipment to receive extremely high doses of beta/gamma radiation, often extending to more than 100Mrad or 1MGy. We are able to irradiate even large samples to these conditions, simultaneously providing surface dose mapping and temperature control/monitoring.

High-energy physics: the hostile radiation environment around high energy accelerators mean that both electronics and materials can be affected. We can undertake irradiations to multi-MGy doses, under special environments and with various types of particle, including gamma rays, electrons and protons.

Industrial applications: a wide range of applications can involve exposure to ionising radiation, from medical scanners to X-ray inspection and radiography. Call us for more details on how we can address these diverse needs.

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